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About Kevin

Discovering the new narratives in the old movie forms

F or the last two decades Kevin’s films have won scores of Grand Jury awards in festivals around the country and the world. Kevin has been teaching acting throughout his thirty-year career, and for the last two decades he’s been a Course Director at Full Sail University.

Kevin has written seven feature film scripts that range from comedy, drama and coming-of-age. Several of his feature films are in development as well as two of his television series.

Kevin's Director Reel

  1. drama


    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    A young boy growing up in the 50’s must find a way to survive an abusive father.

  2. drama

    Captain Fin

    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Treasure is where you find it.

  3. crime

    The letter carrier

    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Simon Henderson is asked to take over the route of a postal carrier who is in a car accident. He meets a blind woman named Julia on his route and asks if he can to read her mail to her. One day Julia’s son who has been writing her the letters dies. Simon decides not to tell her and continue writing the letters.

  4. drama


    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    An African American male looks back on his life and the woman he fell in love with as a child.

  5. comedy

    Valse Mémoire

    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    An older couple in a retirement home relive, through fantasy, their younger days as dancers.

  6. drama


    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Roy collects road kill, and like the vultures that prey on the weak…the townspeople prey on him.

  7. Drama

    Man in the woods

    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Lost, with nothing to guide him but a broken compass.

  8. drama


    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    A dark hidden family secret sends Dirk on a journey of “make believe” until he is caught on closed-circuit cameras by a facility security team.

  9. drama

    Screaming into the wind

    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Screaming into the Wind is the story of Evie and Russ Ingle, a couple whose marriage has fractured in the years after the loss of their only daughter to stillbirth. Evie uses her talents as a welding artist to escape the physical and mental abuse in her home to seek the freedom she has been longing for.

  10. drama


    film by Kevin James O’Neill

    Riley Masterson is an accomplished trained dancer who has been caught up in a small town story. She was once a high school cheerleader who had interests in the star quarterback. One night they are both in a horrific car crash that maimes the football player and puts a hold on Riley’s life and future.